Tyne & Wear Marine BLT
bollard load test rig

The newly launched Bollard Load Test system (BLT ®) is a fully calibrated, easy-to-use solution to safely test the strength of marine bollards.

The Patent-pending BLT system replaces the traditional method of a tug pulling against the bollard, a method that has previously caused damage to vessels and can be dangerous to the people involved in the test.

Breakthrough technology, developed by Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd, uses a powerful hydraulic ram and specialist torque rope to recreate conditions that are equivalent to 125 metric tonnes of ‘pull’. The system allows for standardised testing of bollards by replicating the various forces and movements which they may experience when used to moor a vessel.

The strength of the bollard is measured using a pressure transducer fitted to the hydraulic cylinder to relay pressure back to a digital gauge in a remote location. The BLT can simulate spring lines at various angles up to 20 degrees thus giving a great deal of confidence in the bollard and surrounding structures.

Hydrosphere is exclusively able to offer this testing service throughout the UK and Ireland.

Bollard Loud Test


  • 125 metric tonnes of 'pull'
  • Able to simulate spring lines at various angles up to 20 degrees
  • Adjustable verticle component of applied force in order to replicate variations in water levels and ballast conditions
  • Minimum breaking load 294 tons for 14m dyneema
  • Fully calibrated and easy to use
  • Available exclusively through Hydrosphere UK Ltd
BLT Diagram