FD 7100 Ex
explosion-proof fog detector

The FD 7100 Ex is a fog detector designed for offshore marine applications. It operates on the principle that the LED transmitter projects light toward the receiver. The amount of light received is calculated to a resulting signal strenght, which is converted to a visible range.

The FD 7100 Ex is the explosion proof model of the FD 7100 fog detector, suitable for ATEX category zone 1. Its extremely robust design makes it highly suited for use on offshore oil and gas sites, as well as on

FD EX Fog Signal


Range of visibility detection between 30m - 16m
ATEX category zone 1
Extremely robust design
Low power consumption suitable for solar and battery operation
Used on fixed offshore structures, oil/gas platforms, offshore wind farms, FSO and FSPO tankers
Can be installed together with a FW 1 and FW 6  fog signal

FD Ex Fog Signal