Mobilis AMR 17000
4m diameter mooring buoy

The AMR 1700 mooring buoys are suitable for most applications from harbour and coastal locations to deep sea conditions.

The buoy hulls are made up of eight rotationally moulded, medium density polyethylene (MDPE) float sections, combined with a galvanised steel central structure. This creates a strong, lightweight buoy capable of supporting substantial loads of up to 300 tonnes.

The use of polyethylene for the hulls allows the buoys to absorb minor impacts without damage to the buoy or vessel.

Floats are 4.0m in diameter providing 17000 Kg of gross buoyancy.

Whilst normally supplied as white or yellow, other colours are available if required. The buoys’ modular design allows for commonality of parts, thereby reducing maintenance, inspection, replacement and spares holding costs.

The AMR 17000 is available with either the quick-release hook or shackle mooring options.

Mobilis AMR 17000 mooring buoy


  • Suitable for port, coastal and deep sea applications
  • UV stabilised MDPE components - retains colour within IALA guidelines for more than 15 years 
  • Galvanised steel central structure 
  • Safe working loads of up to 300 tonnes 
  • Modular system - reduces spares holding
  • Multiple mooring attachments 
  • 4.0m diameter
  • 17000 Kg gross buoyancy
Mobilis AMR 17000 diagram

Buoy Configurations

  • Quick release hook
  • Shackle