Trackless / DataFish
marker buoy

Mobilis Trackless buoy

The Mobilis Trackless unit is a cost-effective, streamlined platform designed to minimise the heeling problems associated with buoys in strong tidal flow conditions. The carefully designed combination of hull and rudder plate attains superior stability and six times less drag than a conventional buoy of similar size. Manufactured using rotationally moulded medium density polyethylene (MDPE), the buoy’s simple construction is low maintenance, low cost and extremely lightweight. The 0.9m wide and 2.0m long hull will accept the same daymark and topmark sections as the M 1200 buoy and can easily be fitted with a small self contained light..

DataFish marker buoy

For extreme wave and tidal conditions the Mobilis Trackless buoy would be too small a platform.  The DataFish platform is suitable for up to 5m/s tidal flows and wave heights of up to 9m.  It is manufactured using infused GRP with marine grade aluminium parts. Two sealed compartments provide accommodation for battery packs and instrumentation. For more information on the DataFish buoy see the datasheet above or visit: 

Trackless Navigation Buoy

Trackless features:

  • UV stabilised MDPE construction - retains colour
    within IALA guidelines for more than 15 years
  • Single point mooring configuration
  • Wide range of self contained solar lights accepted
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Careful design attains low drag and superior
    stability qualities
  • Suitable for radar reflectors
  • Modular system reduces spares holding
Mobilis Trackless buoy diagram

Buoy Configurations

  • Isolated Danger Buoy
  • Lateral  Buoy
  • Special Mark Buoy